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 I woke up to this incredible video. It is so very tender, and is a perfect representation of our story. It so beautifully tells the first chapter, left with a cliffhanger charged with emotion. To be honest, I’ve felt like an outsider on this journey; like I’m just a passenger along for Holland’s ride. But this video helped me see that I was present, and that I worked hard for him; I did my best. I couldn’t possibly love this any more ❤️

If you’re in Utah and considering birth videography, I can’t recommend Candida highly enough! She is also a doula (of which I can also attest, as she stepped in several times to provide extra comfort and support to this mama when unexpected circumstances arrived), and has a special love for working with, and advocating for, people of color. I’d choose her a thousand times over! Thank you, Candida, for blessing me with these sweet memories!


Doula Services

Candi was everything you could ask for in a Doula, she was so warm and caring and stuck it out through a long labor! I would definitely recommend her.



Doula Services

Candi was incredible! I loved having her as my Doula with my third pregnancy! She was also great on checking on me to see how I was doing or feeling and I always felt so comfortable to send a message out to her with any questions I had. My labor was pretty rough but Candi really helped me through it and it felt so nice to have someone I could trust and understand what I was going through. Candi not only went above and beyond before and during my labor but she was so great at staying in touch with me after having my baby. Always making sure I was ok and asking how I was feeling and what she could do for me. Candi overall is such a sweet and loving person I would recommend her to anyone. She is so patient and such an amazing Doula!❤️



I’m very pleased with our pictures they turned out great! Candida captured our happiness with our newborn. I couldn’t be happier with the experience! Thank you Candi! You’re an awesome photographer and you made us all feel so comfortable.


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For our second baby we are going to have to go back to Utah or bring you to New Jersey!


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