Lindsey's Birth Story

This was Lindsey’s 8th child and her last two had been born at home. For insurance reasons, Holland needed to be a hospital birth which ended up being exactly what they needed.

Lindsey had been in prodromal labor for weeks so when I got the message, I knew I had to rush over. When I got to St. Mark’s Hospital, her doula, Katie, was already working her magic. Lindsey’s 9-year-old daughter was there helping mom and getting tips from Katie. Her daughter wants to become a midwife so she had been very involved throughout the pregnancy and the plan was to have her help the doctor deliver her baby brother.


As the night progressed, the contractions got stronger and Lindsey needed both her husband and doula to get through them. During transition, Lindsey said her safe word. She wanted an epidural. She knew she was close but decided to listen to her body. By the time they were done inserting the epidural, Lindsey was fully dilated and effaced when she got it. It was time to push and her daughter was gowned.

Baby Holland arrived on shortly after 1 a.m.. His big sister was so excited to help with the delivery and was even able to cut the cord! A moment that she was able to share with her mom and always remember.

Unfortunately, you won’t really see Holland in the birth video. Due to unprecedented complications, he was immediately sent to the NICU. He had MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome), PPHN (Persistant Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn), and sepsis (from an infection contracted while in utero) which the doctors call, “the trifecta.” Along with “the trifecta,” baby Holland also has to overcome pneumonia, jaundice, and blood clotting deficiencies. Baby Holland was recently transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital where he will continue his treatment. We hope he gets to go home soon!

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