Latoya's Birth Story

I got the call that Latoya was in labor while at another birth. I rushed over to Wasatch Midwifery & Wellness and when I arrived, Latoya was trying to sleep through her contractions. I decided to give them space and take a nap myself since it was way past 3 a.m.

By 7 a.m. there was no sleeping through contractions and Latoya was getting ready to get into the tub. Having water poured on her belly, holding Ashley’s hands, and hearing Yumi’s voice got Latoya through some really strong contractions. There was a moment where everyone stepped away and Latoya held onto both of Ashley’s hands. The calmness that Ashley brought to the room was everything.


When Latoya decided to get out of the tub, Ashley suggested that this was a good time to sage the room. Yumi saged everyone (including me!) while Ashley held Latoya’s hands. By that time King was back from picking up the kids who were with a sitter overnight. King immediately joined and provided a comfort to Latoya that no one else could.

Baby KJ arrived right before 5 p.m.. Latoya couldn’t believe that she did it and was amazed at what her body was capable of doing. Latoya’s birth team was #birthteamgoals. She had her partner (King), her best friend/future midwife (Yumi) and doula (Ashley) supporting her.

Make sure you watch the video until the end! You don't want to miss a proud dad dancing to welcome his new son 💛